Ran Ran 2022:Songs of the Return Art Season – Youth Artist Exhibitions
17 DECEMBER 2022 – 5 FEBRUARY 2022
Xintandi x UCCA, Shanghai, China
The”Ran Ran” program focuses on the creative outlook of young artists, devoted to provide them with an exchange and display platform and a continuous supply of creative practice ecology. This group exhibition is a concentrated display of 15 artists’ intuitive attempts at maneuvering and the paths of action that run through their creative practice.
In the Flow of Becoming – An Awakening Art Log from a Fictional AI Artist
22 JANUARY 2022 – 12 MARCH 2022 
The exhibition features a new body of interactive, multimedia, and sculptural artworks that simulate creations conceived by a fictional artificial intelligent (AI) artist. During the exhibition, performers will complete a series of creative tasks under the instruction and guidance of the AI artist, including dictating, engraving, and cutting. Integrating machine-fabricated objects with NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) as well as the human hand, the artworks collectively form a surreal and immersive experience that explores the creative capacity of technology and the role of human consciousness in the process of artmaking. A spiritual analysis of the advancing intervention of technology in art, the exhibition questions the fundamental meaning and criteria of art and being an artist.
8HZ Self-Help Healing Group Camp 
15 JANUARY 2022 – 26 FEBRUARY 2022
Project Terrace, 1431 Huaihai Middle Road 
This project is a continuation of artist Wang Xin’s latest series “Eight Hertz” in 2022, focusing on issues related to mind, consciousness and self-healing. The artist believes that the terrace of the residential area is a field with healing energy, which she attempts to explore the possibility of exploring a low-cost healing method that is suitable for people from different sectors.
Mirage or Reality
NOVEMBER 2021 – 15 FEBRUARY 2022
K11 Art Mall, Shanghai, China
Wang Xin’s work was featured in the exhibition Mirage or Reality in Shanghai K11 Art Mall. The exhibition aims to empower the viewers to explore the boundaries of human perception and existence together and open a new chapter in the K11 metaverse.
Chair Season
16 SEPTEMBER 2021 – 16 OCTOBER 2021
ZHI Art Museum x Fantasia, Chengdu, China
Wang Xin’s work Chair, Chair, X Artists Can Tell was featured in the exhibition Chair Season in Chengdu. The project uses chairs as the key material to depict its complex relationship with human society, aiming to enlighten viewers with multi-dimensional and boundary-pushing experiences.
Fourth Edition Gallery Weekend Edition
22 MAY 2020 – 31 MAY 2020
789 Art Center Beijing, China
Wang Xin’s work featured in the fourth edition of Gallery Weekend Beijing, an event featuring twenty-two galleries and institutions presenting solo and group exhibitions, public art installations, talks, and events across Beijing’s 798 Art Zone as well as online.
 WAVELENGTH: Made In Illusion 
7 JULY 2019 – 7 OCTOBER 2019
Beijing Times Art Museum, Beijing, China
Wang Xin’s interactive installation work was featured in the Beijing Times Art Museum X WAVELENGTH exhibition Made In Illusion.
The Drawing Hand
22 JUNE 2019 – 31 AUGUST 2019
Danysz Gallery, Shanghai, China
Wang Xin’s video work was exhibited at Danysz Gallery in Shanghai as part of their exhibition The Drawing Hand.
Maybe It’s Time To Refresh the Art World A Little Bit
14 MARCH 2019 – 5 MAY 2019
chi K11 Art Space, Hong Kong, China
Comprising tens of thousands of pink balls, Unknown Artist Agency (2017 – ongoing) highlights a poignant issue within the art world—an abundance of creativity and the lack of a system to properly represent and support it. By offering a set of choices for visitors to choose from—including the name of the exhibition, the style of the artwork displayed, the type of artwork displayed, as well as accompanying audio effects—Wang Xin questions the role of curators, artists, and visitors in producing artwork and exhibitions.
In contrast to these hyper-cynical yet playful works, Wang’s Boost Your Art Energy: 8-Minute Guided Session (2019) is a spiritual, mystic, and immersive virtual-reality artwork that aims to recharge one’s “art energy.” It is made in collaboration with LumiereVR, a Silicon Valley-, Canada- and China-based VR company. The moment users put on the VR headset, they are thrust into a dream-like state freed from conventional space, time, and reality. Within the artwork, users are given a choice to activate one of four guided sessions, each with a profoundly different approach to revitalization. The exercise itself encourages contemplation, although, much like the methods of ancient divination, the path one chooses might be predetermined or random.
Extreme Mix 
Guangzhou Airport Biennale, Guangzhou, China
Wang Xin’s work Extreme Mix was featured in Guangzhou Airport Biennale.
8 JULY 2018 – 8 OCTOBER 2018
Power Long Museum Shanghai, China
Wang Xin’s installation, Enchanted Art World was on view at the exhibition WAVELENGTH: RESET, presented by Power Long Museum and CUBE Consulting Group Inc.
Unknown Artists Agency
20 MAY 2018 – 26 AUGUST 2018
K11 Art Village, Wuhan, China
Unknown Artists Agency is comprised of multiple interactive, site-specific installations in which Wang Xin challenges the status of the artist as well as the art world’s current ecosystem. In particular, Wang’s most ambitious installation encourages participation as soon as audiences walk in. Upon entering, visitors are asked to purchase a ticket imprinted with a QR code at reception. The symbolic act of purchasing a ticket is part of Wang’s ongoing “No Starving Artists: Entrance” project, in which she reaffirms the significance of artists’ work, as their labor is often undervalued. Headsets are available for viewers’ use in intervals along the walkway, where various fictional characters can be heard introducing the exhibition and its works. Following along the path, viewers can eventually reach the “island” of shining pink lights surrounded by 45,000 pink balls. A large billboard stands in the center of the island, and a transmission device to the virtual world can be found among the sea of balls separating the “island” and the “mainland,” sending viewers to the VR world created by Wang. This fantasy world serves as dissemination of information about the artist and her work of the past, present, and future!
Presence: In the Name of New Media Art
7 APRIL 2018 – 27 APRIL 2018
China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China
Wang Xin’s work was featured in the exhibition – Presence: Young Artist Exhibition which was unveiled on the ninetieth anniversary of the China Academy of Art.
The Gallery
7 MARCH 2018 – 11 MARCH, 2018
The Armory Show New York, USA
Wang Xin’s work The Gallery was featured in the Armory Show. The Gallery is not a site-specific artwork. Its placement is variable and includes art galleries, museums, art fairs, and other social venues. Wherever and whenever it is presented the artwork develops an immediate, contingent relationship with the exhibiting space and audiences in a specific given time. The participants include artists, curators, volunteers, and the audience (online or physically attending the exhibition), all of whom become a part of the artwork and are involved in the resultant happening.
Now: A Dialogue of Female Chinese Contemporary Artists16 FEBRUARY 2018 – 29 APRIL 2018
Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, United Kingdom
Wang Xin’s work was featured in a collaborative program led by the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA). It aims to bring together five distinct art organizations across the UK, to show a diverse range of artworks and new commissions from some of the most exciting female artists working in mainland China.
Light Up Therapy Resort
25 NOVEMBER 2017 – 09 MARCH 2018
Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China
Wang Xin’s work was featured in Light Up Therapy Resort, a psychological healing resort located in the center of Shanghai. The curator, as the founder of the resort, invites Chinese artists of the ‘80s generation from all over the world with 13 coordinates to create an immersive healing experience for the audience and simulate the paradise that urbanites always long for.
Shanghai Galaxy II
10 NOVEMBER 2017 – 11 FEBRUARY 2018
Yuz Museum Shanghai, China
Wang Xin’s work featured in Yuz Museum during its second large-scale exhibition of the “Shanghai Galaxy” series – Shanghai Galaxy II. 
The Must-See Art Show Where You Can Find 10,000 Artists
OCT 21, 2017 – NOV 18, 2017
de Sarthe Beijing, China
The Must-See Art Show Where You Can Find 10,000 Artists is comprised of multiple interactive, site-specific installations in which Wang Xin challenges the status of the artist as well as the art world’s current ecosystem. In particular, Wang’s most ambitious installation encourages participation as soon as audiences walk into the gallery. Upon entering, visitors are asked to purchase a ticket imprinted with a QR code at reception. The symbolic act of purchasing a ticket is part of Wang’s ongoing “No Starving Artists” project, in which she reaffirms the significance of artists’ work, as their labor is often undervalued. Subsequently, viewers scan their tickets at a turnstile to enter the installation. Once inside audiences follow a carpeted path lined with headsets that leads to a ball pit filled with more than 10,000 rose pink balls, a VR environment, an artist agency office, and a large advertising board. 
As the exhibition title suggests, 10,000 unknown artists’ contact information are stored in the balls. The purchased ticket entitles audiences to take (and keep) one of the rose pink balls, open it, and unravel an unknown artist’s information. In the middle of the ball pit lies a virtual experience, A Virtual Land Where Stored an Artist’s Past, Present and Future Artworks and Related Information, where ticket holders can view all of Wang Xin’s past artwork strown and in decay across a deserted landscape. Adjacent to the pool of pink balls is an office stationed in a corner. This is the Unknown Artists Agency where agents continue to search for more unknown artists. Once more information on unknown artists has been gathered, the new pink balls are carried over to a playful miniature slide that is used to transport the balls from the agency office to the ball pit. The slide emerges from a large LED board advertising the “Unknown Artists Agency.”
Reversal Ritual
23 MARCH 2017 – 13 MAY 2017, 2018
de Sarthe Hong Kong, China
Wang Xin’s work featured in a group show Reversal Ritual at de Sarthe in Hong Kong.
21 MARCH 2017 – 30 APRIL 2017
chi K11 Art MuseumShanghai, China
Wang Xin’s work featured in K11 Art Foundation (KAF) and MoMA PS1’s co-presented project .com/.cn as part of an ongoing research partnership.
The Gallery
Second Shenzhen New Media Art Festival, Shenzhen, China
Wang Xin’s work The Gallery was featured in The Second Shenzhen New Media Art Festival. The piece provided a framework and a platform for contemporary new media artists, but it is not a “gallery” in the traditional sense. This installation provides a utopian-like intermediary role of bringing people from the outside and infiltrating them into the gallery complex system by subsuming the traditional notions of an art gallery. What sets Wang Xin’s gallery apart from other orthodox galleries lies in its name, which is simultaneously spontaneous but also generic in style.
Ninth Solana Light Festival
12 DECEMBER 2016 – 28 FEBRUARY 2017
Yang Art Museum Beijing, China
Wang Xin’s work took part in the Ninth Solana Light Festival hosted jointly by Solana and Yang Art Museum in Beijing, China. Covering about 130000 square meters, this festival makes full use of lights, musical soundtracks, and architecture, creating a Northern European winter ambiance to celebrate the winter holidays, spanning from Christmas to Chinese New Year. Yang Art Museum, located in Beijing’s Solana Lifestyle Shopping Park, celebrates its opening with the exhibition Concealed Power
Every Artist Should Have A Solo Show
MAR 19, 2016 – MAY 29, 2016
de Sarthe Beijing, China 
Every Artist Should Have A Solo Show is a solo exhibition by artist Wang Xin. It seems an unusual title an artist can always use a solo show. However, it is not surprising that Wang Xin, who claims herself to be a serious art-world player as well as a serious art-world observer would come out with such a title. All of her work in this show can be grouped into her “Rose-Color” series, which is all about the art world and art system. Galleries, artists, art agents, artworks, and so on have become her subject in her “Rose-Color” series’ of artworks. This short exhibition introduction you are reading now probably as well. Who do you think it is written by? Curator? Gallery? Or the artist?
Absolute Infinite Game
20 JUNE 2015 – 20 SEPTEMBER 2015
A4 Contemporary Arts Center, Chengdu, China
Wang Xin’s work was featured in the exhibition Absolute Infinite Game in A4 Contemporary Arts Center curated by Fu Xiaodong.
Memento Mori
21 MARCH 2015 – 21 APRIL 2015
Mustard Seed Space, Shanghai, China  
Literally, the installation of Wang Xin is about death and the experience of death. Her work invites the audience to join in the performance according to her own procedure, who would be able to experience the state of “death” and one’s own mentality when the “soul” leaves the corpse. Wang Xin hopes to converse the subject of death and rebirth in the audience interaction. Different from the death experience in the death house, the project is designated by the artist to represent a unique death and rebirth experience weaving the utility of various media. In the plan, the artist would transform Mustard Seed Space to death -experience resembled “service-room”.
The project has made full use of the interior structure of Mustard Seed Space. The three cabinets in the space have been transformed into one registration room, one changing room, and a death-experiencing room. The white cubic boxes in the registration room are prepared to collect small objects offered by the participants to exchange for this experience, which would then be reserved as part of the exhibition. The staff with tailor-made badges to this exhibition would assist the participants to complete the whole procedure. The entrance of the third cabinet would be half enclosed to yield a slot for one person to physically go through.  After the participant has changed to the costume and read prepared documents, the staff would pull out the bed fixed to the trail behind the curtain in the third cabinet, then invite him/her to lie down and replace the bed before closing the cabinet. At that moment, the video and audio would be intrigued to guide the death experience. The camera in the third cabinet would film the whole process of ” MEMENTO MORI”.
Now You See: New Chinese Video Art from the Collection of Dr. Michael I. Jacobs
25 MAY 2014 – 19 JUNE 2014
Whitebox Art CenterNew York, USA
Wang Xin’s work was featured in Now You See – the first exhibition in New York to survey the work of young Chinese video artists, through the eyes of the collector Dr. Michael I. Jacobs, who has been collecting Chinese video art in depth since 2010. The exhibition, drawn from his collection, brings together 18 rarely seen works by 10 young artists, mostly born in the 1980s.
Chinese Visual Festival
7 MAY 2014 – 18 MAY 2014
Anatomy Theater & Museum, King’s College London, UK
The program of events included 40+ cutting-edge films from the Chinese-speaking world and neighbors, plus talks, workshops, Q&As with guest directors, and an installation project by Wang Xin.
Let’s Play in The Name of Art
Antenna Space, Shanghai, China
Let’s Play In The Name Of Art recreates a playground-like environment. Wang Xin placed thousands of small pink balls in a cordoned off area. On the gallery wall, an LCD television plays an animation with poetic subtitles. Concurrently, the slogan “LET’S PLAY IN THE NAME OF ART” is hung on top of the booth in large pink LED characters. A box with miscellaneous items such as masks and fun objects are included for audiences to play with. This work invites the audience to be a part of the art, and to explore their playful side.